Royal Family Strawberry Mochi 120 Gr

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Soft mochi with juicy strawberry filling.
Indulging taste buds with small bites of tangy strawberry sweetness, these supple mochi rice cakes are deliciously fruity and easy to share. Packaged individually, this convenient share pack contains a batch of tart mochi morsels, each filled with a juicy strawberry jelly. Coated with sticky gelatin and strawberry-flavored mochi to provide layers of sweet texture to bite into, these thick rice cakes offer the perfect light treat. Produced in Taiwan.

Ingredients: maltose (20.50%), Sugar (18.60%), Sticky rice (18.0%), Hydroxpropyl starch phosphate (E1442) (14.30%), Palm oil (11.10%), Strawberry juice (10.60%), Trehalose (4.42%), Gelatin (beef) (2.0%), flavor (0.3%), sorbitol (0.1%), FD&C red no. 40 (E129) (0.05%), Sorbic Acid (E200) (preservative)

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