Monster Kona Blend 473 Ml

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Monster Java is premium coffee and milk brewed to perfection, supercharged with the Monster Energy blend. Monster Java Kona Blend is a dark roasted Kona coffee!

!Very high caffeine content!

Ingredients: Coffee (filtered water, coffee), condensed skim milk, sugar, whole cream, natural flavors, glucose, taurine, sodium citrate (E331), microcrystalline cellulose (E460), extract of panax ginseng, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), food acid (E300-E341), sodium alginate (E401), caffeine, niacin (vitamin B3), sucralose, colorants, extract of guarana, D-glucuronolactone, inositol, L-cartin, T-tartrate, vitamin B6, riboflavin (vitamin B2), maltodextrin, emulsifier (E460-E470).


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