Fit's Link Grape Mix Chewing Gum

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Fit's is a popular soft and long-lasting flavored gum made by Lotte. This carries a wonderfully fruity grape taste. There are 12 stubby sticks per pack. We carry many flavors of different gum brands so please check them all out.

Ingrediënten: Maltitol, Erythritol, Palatinit, Gombasis, Zoetstof (mannitol, aspartaam, L-fenylalanine verbinding, acesulfaam K), Voedingszuur, Smaakstof, Wasverzachter, Kleurstof (Plantaardige kleurstoffen, Gardenia), Gelatine, Verwerkingszetmeel, Polysaccharide verdikkingsmiddel.

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